Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Turning 19

I'm 19 today. Reaching final year of teenagehood. Honest to goodness, I feel OLD! But it has a nice feeling to it. The feeling of hitting another milestone in my life, knowing that my past 19 years hadn't been a complete waste of time.

I wasn't too excited about my birthday this year compared to the years before. Probably because I'm the midst of my exams (had Psychology paper on the same day. How sucky was that?!) but 19 is quite a number, isn't it?

I'm trying to sound all meaningful and melancholic about this birthday post but mehh, failing miserably. It had been a long day for me. Had AS exams, classes and homework, played tennis, 2 hours of History night class and discussions, socialising with college friends throughout the day. I felt like a 'super student' today. But the best part was when, as we were all coming down the stairs after our History class, I saw a group of people in the dimness of the night and they suddenly burst into a 'Happy Birthday' song.

It was a birthday surprise for me and Dylan, who had her birthday on the same day. They surprised us with two boxes of Wondermilk cupcakes and then everyone just lingered around, enjoying the cupcakes and chit-chatting. Such a wonderful gesture by these people considering that it's the exam season and they were probably busy studying in their chalets or the RC before this. Thank you, guys. I was touched :)

Coming back to my failed deep, thoughful post on turning 19, all I've to say is another year has passed. A year older now, hopefully a year wiser, too. What does it feel like being 19? I don't know, it has only been a day. I'll get back to you on that.

My one birthday wish on this 19th year is that Allah will give me enough strength and patience as I weave my way through getting where I want to be. I'm only 19 but I've plenty of big dreams of my own and of other things, too. This is only the beginning of everything.

Yeaahh, I'm rambling. I should really go to bed now. Zzzzz.

Thank you Allah for the past amazing 19 years. I had a great day turning 19.

Here's to more years to come. So many more, hopefully. Cheers! :)

P/S Also, read this amusing, quirky birthday post by my Mum. Made me tear up a little when reading it. Enjoy.

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