Saturday, June 25, 2011

Monologue with God

Ya Allah,
I'll be leaving for Umrah for the first time today,
Making my way to Your Holy Land,
With my parents, I hope everything will run smoothly.

Ya Allah,
I'm coming to You as Your humbled guest,
Each step I take today is a step closer to You,
There will be challenges ahead I'm sure,
But I pray to you Ya Allah,
I pray that You will bless me with enough patience, perseverance, humility, selflessness and piety,
Enough of those to get me through this journey.

Ya Allah,
Let this spiritual retreat be one that will make You forgive my ugly sins,
The one that will make me a better Muslim,
The one that will make me stronger; physically, emotionally, spiritually,
The one that will make me a better person, all around.

Ya Allah,
I'm coming to You,
With pure intention and prayers,
So I pray to You that you will bless my family's journey,
Let us go to Your Holy Land and come back safely,
For our return will be flourished with new vigour and passion,
As we continue to sow the seeds of good deeds in the name of you, Ya Allah.


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