Saturday, February 03, 2007

3 Batai debate/perbahasan teams rock!!!

3 Batai debate team rox!!! I wouldn't utter these words a few months ago but this week the 3 Batai debate/perbahasan teams really did rock! The English debate motion was "Attending tuition classes is a necessity to one's success" and we were on the oppo team. Our opponent was nonetheless our biggest threat, 3 Belian aka my old debate team.

It wasn't an easy argument but we won and Jo-Yi got best speaker(congrats!). But the real joke was the perbahasan team, actually. We went against 3 Belian...again! The topic was 'Belajar dalam kumpulan adalah lebih baik daripada belajar bersendirian' .(pembangkang) And our team consisted of me, Daryl and Keefe. We prepared for the 'old style' debate when it was actually ala parliment and the belianians were fully prepared.

Man, were we crapping at that time! The propo had all the fancy names and facts (Dr Fadzila Kamsah, Albert Einstein etc.) and WE? All we had was a few vague points and a 'survey' by Murdoch Uni. But at the end of day, our class......WON!!! We knew how to 'putar belit' according to Pn. Nordian. 'cause debate wasn't all 'bout having facts but also manipulating the opponents as well as your debating style which was what we did.

It was really cute to hear Daryl and Keefe spoke in BM. In fact it was funny to hear ALL of us to berbahas dalam BM when we always debated in English especially Keefe's phrase of : 'Sebelum saya melabuhkan punggung......" set the crowd to uproar laughters. And the opponent team also prepared 'pantuns' for their speeches. Not wanting to set an obvious differences on which team was more prepared and which wasn't at all, I came up with one myself during the perbahasan:

Anak Abu datang menyusul,
Dari kedai membeli petai,
Pihak pembangkang membangkang usul,
Kami sokong pendirian kami.

It didn't really rhyme especially at the last bit but hey! was better than nothing. So, next we're up against 3 Balau for both debate and perbahasan which's gonna be next week.

And to those people wo call me a traitor/betrayal to Belian and whatever crap......I'm sorry but it's not like I can do anything 'bout it. But trust me, none of the arguments we came across was an easy one for us.

3 batai debate/perbahasan teams rock!!!


mysterio4eva said...

have i not always tell you that belian sux to the fullest???from the class to the debaters.
especially the 3rd speaker,i think.

lucky thing u're outta there if not u would still be like them or worse!

kjw said...

Again with the insults,eh? post a name will ya? what have you got against us belianans? zaf,a name please? oh and yeah,congrats.haha

nik zafirah said...

thx but batai still lost at the end...huhuhu...but can't keep winning,can we?

anyway..i hav no idea who is mysterio..probably some coward who doesnt want to be responsible of his comments......

but i wudn't want to point fingers unnecessarily to any1...

Faridah said...

Let mysterio4eva be mysterious forever.I want to tell you that Hugh Grant really sang in his latest movie! I can't wait to see it. Mesti kartun punya.Apparently he took piano lessons when he was 7. Yup, he had to play the piano in Music and Lyrics too.

Z, Grant looks very2 old in this.I prefer the Bridget Jones Diary lagi.But will see.Maybe the newspaper version is not doing justice to Grant.If Adik jadi pi dgn Papa weekend ni, let me know OK?

Ibu still stuck in Detroit.Hopefully can get out this afternoon.