Thursday, February 15, 2007

winning isn't everything

(missing you)

It's a sad thing that Batai debate english team didn't even make it to the finals this time. Well, there's still next time. Lucky thing the perbahasan team did go into the finals and guess what....WE WON!!!! The perbincangan was "Ibu bapa yang menyebabkan anak-anak terjebak dalam kancah penagihan dadah" and we were the opposition.

All 3 of us (me,daryl,keefe) had a strategy which was to POI or in this case 'izin laluan' the balau speakers to the max. We tried to tackle Wai Meng through POIs since he was like the backbone of the team and he only took a few and he just said "sila duduk" to the rest of the POIs. We really thought that Balau would win since they're speeches were full of peribahasa,pantuns etc. and ours as usual.....were filled with words you hear in everyday lives.

But we still won and congrats to Wai Meng for bein' best speaker. And today Pn Arbayah told us that we need to prepare for another perbahasan (again!) but this time it's actually for an audition for the school team.

Honest to goodness, I'm not too keen in joining the school perbahasan team this year what more with PMR comin' in October. Same as the other 2 boys. But we'll see how it goes....
CREDITS: daryl, keefe, hazwani hashim (thx for ur messages!), cik aznishah, 3 batai......

P/S to mum: howz life in US??missing you to the max rite now...


Faridah said...

Congrats again, Z.Well done.

I'm mentally stable today. :)) But I really hope I can get out of Detroit this afternoon.

Do an istikarah abt whether you wanna go all out on the debate thingy this year.It should not affect your preparation for PMR.Minta laluan dari Allah.That is definite.Good luck to you, child.I miss you too.But it won't be long before we are together again.InsyaAllah.Just stay focused on your PMR preps.Jaga Dad.Make sure he's drinking enough this kemarau and larang dia dari merokok.

Lollipop said...

cheer up ! i heard u cried when u lost in the english debate. u can try again nex year kan ? i know u will [:

congrats on winning the bm debate ! u were great on stage. very firm eventhough wai meng kept on telling u all his facts ,which maybe he tink soo correct. anyway, he`s in my class. xley kutuk lbih2 ,nnt mrajuk plak =P

nik zafirah said...

ermmm.....I CRIED????sorry but i dunt remember crying 'cause of the english's a bit too weird to say that and i dunt cry over a debate comp 'cause that wud make me a 'sore loser'...u must mistaken me for some1else..

anyway,wai meng is soooo proud of his best speaker ;-)