Saturday, April 07, 2007

stick models+XS clothes=xtreme body conscious people

skinny model

Just the other day I heard yet another story of a teenage girl dying of anorexia. Everytime I hear these kind of stories I thought, "how can anybody be so stupid to starve themselves to death just because they think they're fat?" That's when I thought again why would the girl thinks she's fat in the first place when her body weight is actually fine.

When you have friends who care more 'bout the size of their bums then actually having fun in the outside world. When you have magazines that feature stick figure models and when you have clothing shops that sell XS sizes....the pressure to be part of all these rises and leads a person to be anorexic.

I know I'm a bit curvy (I wouldn't use the word fat cause I hate it) but I never thought of starving myself so I can look like Paris Hilton. In fact I lost around 10 kg when I was in Form 1(I was freaking 'curvy' during my primary school years) but all I did to shed off the 10 kg was to dance around in my room as a form of exercise. Now I slowed down the losing weight thingy but I'll continue again soon if I feel like it...hahaha!

The point here is that if you don't have Jennifer Lopez's bum, Jessica Alba's body figure or Shakira's hip doesn't mean that you're FAT. I have friends who would scream their heads off just because their bums are bigger than their head. I don't see the rational of worrying bout this 'minute' stuff. There are far more important things in life we should worry more like achieving the dreams we had and do something 'bout global warming that's gonna kill us soon.

In the meantime there should'nt be stick figure models in the magazines or the runways because this would make our teens even more insecure of their body sizes. Italian fashion designers are doing the right thing where they banned anorexic models (like the pic above) from appearing on their runways. We wouldn't want to see our friends, family members or even ourselves to die just because they are not happy with their weights. If you think you're 'curvy' then just exercise-lah.

Don't worry, be happy ;)


Faridah said...

touche issue...kak long saw my blog and said I looked fat.Grrr.We'll buy that treadmill...if a woman wants to trim down, it's not becos' she wants to be attractive cos' she's slim but she does it so that she feels healthy and IS healthy (ie not breathless when she has to walk miles or going up and down staircases, etc)Oh yeah, let's do it momma!

nik zafirah said...

we're talking bout teens who r dying cause they want 2 stay slim....being sickingly thin is NOT healthy either so there's boundaries 2 everything....

lol...she said u look 'curvy'?? comment ;)