Monday, November 26, 2007

accidents do happen

(The lil guy on the right)

So far my teaching lessons for my cousin is paying off. He can read a bit now after a week after of teaching. His mum told me that she was wearing a T-shirt that said 'Win Some, Win Some' and my cousin pronounced it perfectly without anyone asking him to. So yeah, I'm happy that he could at least read on his own now. But he still needs help with writing and counting and we're working on that.

And my other cousin, Nabil just got out of hospital after he fell off a bed (he was jumping on it like a trampoline) and his head hit the floor real hard. He was admitted to ICU for a night or so. And now he has a swelling brain. Can you imagine that? A swelling brain?FREAKY! He's only 3 years old but he still looks adorable as ever.

His accident reminded me of myself when I was around his age too. I too had a similar accident where my head knocked a cupboard hard and it bled and I couldn't stop vomiting. And I have a small scar just above my right eyebrow to remind me of that frightful accident.

I guess getting your head bruised at the age of 3 really runs in my family. LOL!

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