Tuesday, November 20, 2007

RA, the reading teacher

School holidays is here again! What do I have to do this holidays? Teach my illiterate 7 year old cousin how to read and count. Well he isn't exactly illiterate but a bit slow when it comes to reading and counting. He has Thalassemia and been in and out of hospital for bone marrows and blood transfusions for the past 3 or 4 years so there was little time for school.

Now that he's slightly better, he needs a lot of catching up to do with his reading and counting and writing. So as the eldest granddaughter on my dad's side and as the 15 year old who has nothing to do for holidays, it is my duty to be his 'teacher' for the next one and a half month. :)

No, he doesn't call me Miss Zaf. Instead he calls me 'Ra'. Nickname I was stuck for 15 years, given by my cousins and relatives. And by the end of december, we'll see how my cousin progresses. We just started yesterday and he's doing well so far.

Anyone need a reading teacher, I'm here to help. LOL!

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