Wednesday, February 20, 2008

the art of losing

Icy stares gave me fear,
Slight whispers I could hear,
Was it illusion?
Or the reality crashing in with frustration?

I could have done better,
No, I should have done better,
But no matter,
Because it's all over.

She caught me off guard,
Not prepared, I ran in with a torn heart,
I lost my steps,
The pattern wasn't synchronized,
The field made me trounced,
Was I being patrionized?

Constant whistles of 'Gerak Kaki!' echoed,
Leaving us beyond frustrated,
5-3 wasn't too bad,
But enough to make us sad.

Sunshine turned to gloomy clouds,
Laughters died down to frowns,
Jokes were replaced with tears,
As we sat together silently,
Wondering if the game was being played fairly.

This is the art of losing,
Badly crafted,
Sadly tasted.

*The above poem was based on the event that happened today.

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