Sunday, March 09, 2008

post elections and vocal lessons

Malaysia is still having its election fever. I have to say yesterday's election results were really shocking. Sure, BN was said to win.....again but with lesser votes. But no one expected BN to lose the 5 states (Perak, Kedah, Selangor, Penang, Kelantan) even the DAP leaders didn't expect they would be forming their own government in Penang. Real shocker, eh? But this shows that democracy really did work this time around and even if there were foul plays here and there (like phantom voters) it was not enough to stop the voters from getting what they wanted all along.

Last night, while I was doing some school work, my dad was upstairs with the TV on and my mum was downstairs with her laptop and both of them were reporting to each other who won what seat, who lost what seat and so I didn't have to sit n front of the TV to know the results because I had my own live political commentary right in my house.

papa: Nor! Shahrizat lost to Nurul Izzah!
ibu: Biar padan muka dia

papa: Yee haa!! Samy Vellu kalah!
ibu: Finally that Samy lost! (jumping with joy)

Yea, so that was basically what happened all night. Haha it was really funny, I tell you. Ok enough with politics cause I'm sick of it. Everywhere I went whether in school, on the internet, in the bus, on the TV everyone was talking about the same damn thing. So let's just take a break from all of it for awhile, shall we?

I started my vocal lessons today. No, I'm not taking the lessons because I want to be a singer. It's just a preparation for my participation in the Turkish Language Olympics cause I'll be singing there. LOL I still can't believe I'm actually going to join a singing competition and sing a song in a totally different language that I'm not exactly used to. So Dr Sue, a soprano singer who is also a lecturer from UM came to my house today to help me with my singing.

God, she rocks! For RM120 an hour (each class 3 hours), she's worth every penny. I learned a lot today. Voice projections, the right breathing techniques when you are singing. And most importantly I learned that you can't be prejudiced towards music. In every melody and lyrics, there is a story behind it. Everyone has different stories to tell and so we have to be open minded and accept whatever kind of music available because after all music is universal.

Happy holidays peeps!

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