Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I was deprived from my sleep for the last few days. I had to spend my precious holidays by coming to school for brainstormings. I had to rewrite my speeches FIVE times. And all in the name of....debate. And it was 100% worth it! We (me, Jay, Keefe, Rachel, Sophia, Daryl) had our first round of Wira debate competition. And, yes we got through the first 2 stages and we're going for the finals of the zone level :)

First round was against SMK Tropicana. Motion: Peer pressure does more good than harm and we were the opposition. The speakers weren't too bad but I guess their points weren't too strong and solid compared to ours. Oh and I got best speaker title for this round. lol

Next round was against SMK Damansara Utama. Seriously, DJ looks so much like DU. Thanks to Datin. She's on a mission to DU-nise DJ. The school was filled with signs of quotes here and there and DJ is slowly becoming the 'school of signs' like DU. Hah. Anyway their debaters were better than SMK Tropicana. Motion: Media influence is the main cause of juvenile delinquency and we were the opposition....again. DU debaters had the manner but they were lacking in terms of matter. And thus we won. Jay won best speaker too. Yay!

Kevin, John and Puan Koh really helped the team....a lot. I think we would be floating somewhere else with no solid footing if they weren't there to help. John was like 'you guys must bring back the trophy this year. Been awhile since DJ won Wira championship'. And I was like 'err...okaaayy. You're making me even more nervous about this whole thing.' I just hope we can go really far this time.

GO DJ!!!

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