Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's me, the tutor....again!

I used to tutor my 7 year old cousin, Ahmad how to read and count. And this time I'm tutoring my other cousin to prepare her for PMR in a few weeks time. She had epilepsy since she was a kid and it had killed many of brain cells so that's why she needs all the help she can to get through this exams.

Too many times, too many of us take for granted for the things that we have in life. With a perfectly healthy brain we could do so many wonders compared to the less fortunate but we choose not to.

We just finished watching Phantom of the Opera so she could get a clearer picture of what the novel is all about. And she's taking a rest now. After all she can't be pushed too hard or her seizure will attack her.

I hope with the little help I'm offering her, she would be able to do relatively well in her exams.

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