Tuesday, September 02, 2008


It was on. It was off. It was on again. And it was really 'on' last Friday night. I'm talking about Avril Lavigne's controversial concert in Malaysia which got bad protests from PAS. Anyway the concert still went on and it was the 'best damn concert'.

Went there with Alia and Nunu and despite the rain, we had a fun time singing to her 'Girlfriend', 'When You're Gone', 'Skater Boy' etc. And she was sooo adorable! Even if she was 24, she looked like a 17 year old.

But ever since she got married, she became feminine, a lil too feminine. Everything was almost PINK. From her pink hair streak to the pink backdrop to her pink guitar. She even had a pink piano! I mean, pink's a nice colour but too much of it can be....nauseating.

But whatever, Avril Lavigne, she's the BEST DAMN THING!

Ready to rock, girls!

That's the pink backdrop I was talking about

Avril rocking on her pink guitar

Kipas Avril that cost me RM 10 -_-

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