Sunday, August 29, 2010

For memories' sake

So I was talking to a friend about old memories and about how some of us have a hard time letting go of the past. Some are beautiful, some are just painful to bear and others are bittersweet. There are people who go on basking in the glory of their achievements or indulging in all those happy memories back in their high schools way even after they have left it.

Well, personally I don't have a problem with that. But when you do it too often and too excessively, what you did back then becomes less poignant. It seems as if you have nothing else to hold on to that you just had to keep on grasping to those old memories. Let go. Otherwise you won't have room for anything more.

Having said that, I couldn't help but to walk down the memory lane just to remind myself what it was like last time. Not that I would want to do anything differently or otherwise. Just that, sometimes it's nice to be reminded of the people, of the laughters, of the places and of the things you did. Who stayed, which laughter hasn't died down, where those places still stand with our memories and the things that still have our names emblazoned on it.

So, for memories' sake....

The smiles of 5 Angsana peeps.

The uber-debaters of SMKDJ.

These beautiful people whom I miss greatly =(

Animal rides in dresses. Talk about being nutters.

Bootylicious. Back when we were just a bunch of innocent 15 year olds.

See, even our teachers are as classy and cool as us. Puan Joyce and Puan Chia =)
And together, we shall fly. 5 Angsana magazine photoshoot.

'The Nostalgia' team who brought memories to you in a tangible form ( the school magazine laa)

When we were in Vegas. Senior prom '09 at Ritz Carlton.

These radiant smiles of us never actually faded away kan? :) Raya Open House '09

Chit-chatters. Raya Open House '09

Some things remained, some things...don't. Raya Open House '09

Big Love! Raya Open House '09

Raya '09. Our last Raya with Tok Ayah. I hope he's doing alright wherever he is. We miss you dearly, Tok Ayah. Al-Fatihah.


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