Saturday, August 14, 2010

Till The End

It's been a month since I've entered KY and so many things have already happened. My days are jam-packed with classes, evening activities and sports as well as homework and at times, there will be performances to put up that would probably suck up more of our time. Wheww!

Our latest being the Cultural Performance specially produced by Batch 13 for the entire KY community, parents and sponsors. We only had 2 weeks to prepare with only one solid week for practices so imagine the havoc and chaos we went through before the performance night! Few precious days before the night itself, tensions flared up, emotions ran high and whispers of angers went about the circle.

But surprise, surprise the event went on smoother than we thought and everyone was thoroughly entertained by it. Basically our Cultural Performance was a play called 'Till The End' where it was about these 3 good friends muddling through the Japanese Occupation era while fighting for Malaya. I played a pregnant mother who gave birth to one of the main characters, Anas. The play ended with Anas and Ah Siew (the other main character) being killed by the Japanese army so all the emo stuffs came out towards the end.

Despite the behind-the-scenes havoc and what not, I think we had fun all around. There's this certain satisfaction we felt when the curtain finally closed for the last time that night. It was the feeling that Batch 13 will still stick by each other through thick and thin for the next 2 years to come or till the end, maybe :')

Photos from the night.

That's me being preggo. Though the bump looked like I've been carrying it around for 12 months

Aminah and Salleh in their characters

*Arrghh, it's coming out!*

Aaannndd it's out. It's a baby boy, Anas :)

With some of our Malay, Indian and Chinese dancers

With Eleena. Love the bright coloured lenga on her

With the emcee of the night, Megat

Arvind looks good in his batik shirt!

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