Saturday, January 20, 2007

blush-O-meter: 9.9

This week had been a crazy week and it's only Jan!!! Netball tournament is starting next week and I finally made it into the Nostalgia editorial board after I failed to join last year. But what I'm about to tell is something rather embarassing for me. I would say that this incident, by far, one of the most 'blushed cheeks' experiences I had encountered.

It was on Thursday when I went to Atria to buy my mum's late bday gift. I always buy presents a week or two after anyone's bdays. Anyway, while I was about to get off the escalator with my friends, my shoelace got stuck in it!! Which escalator was it??? Oh, yeah...the one in front of KFC where almost the whole of KFC was full with DJians having their lunch. Yup, that's the one.

Of all the escalators it had to be the one where there were a lot of eye witnesses that I know. Everyone was looking at me and wondering what happened. You know what they say: 'the fewer witnesses, the better'. So then there was this kind lady who called the security guard to help me while I was stuck there with my super blushed cheeks. Finally the guard came and he had to call another guard 'cause the 1st one couldn't pull my shoe off the thing.

Lucky thing my shoe lace came out after a strong tug from the 2nd guard. After that, I dare not show my face and went scurrying to find the present for my mum.

Good thing was that mum actually liked the present. I bought her a pearl bracelet (don't ask 'bout the price) so I guess the whole I'm-so-freakin'-embarassed incident was worth it.

Moral of the story: Tie your shoelaces once you start walking.

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mysterio4eva said...

no wonder i see u te other day like you're being tied down to the escalator..HAHAHA!!