Monday, May 12, 2008

sweet 16!

This looks so much like a class photo. LOL!

Oh no! Broken stools during the musical chair

All ready to paaarrttaayyy!!!

Beauties of Sweet 16 =)

The magician with a bird

People of all ages enjoying the magic show

It's singing time!

I'm finally 16! I had my sweet 16 garden party yesterday (11th May) at my grandma's house because she has a much bigger garden than mine. I only invited about 20 friends because I believe in a small but exclusive party. That way all my guests could have fun together and not be divided into cliques. The theme for the party was 'floral' so everyone had to dress up in a floral-like way. The party started with a magic show by a magician my mum found online.

Ok, I know a magic show in the middle of a sweet 16 party didn't sound sixteen. But because my party was attended by people of all ages, from a 67 year old woman (my grandma) to 16 year old girls and guys (my friends) to 3 year old kids (my cousins) I wanted to find something that appealed to everyone so my mum came up with the idea of 'magic show'. And, trust me EVERYONE had a fun time watching the show especially when the magician took out an underwear out of Syamir's pants!

After the show, we had something to eat and then all my friends sat in a circle in the middle of the garden and we sang along to Nunu's strums of guitar. Thanks Nunu for playing my current fave song, 'Stop & Stare'! Calvin also played his version of 'I Hate Physics' song. We walked the childhood lane by playing a game of musical chairs. Alia, Fadzil and Shiqin broke 2 of the stools! Oh my this what happened when big 16 year olds try to play a game of 6 year olds. O.0

Sophia asked me "So Zaf, what is it like being 16 years old today?'" And my reply at that time, "It feels pretty much the same like being 15 yesterday." Of course you would feel pretty much the same if you were to compare today and yesterday. But if I were to compare being 16 yesterday and being 10 six years ago then yea I'd grown up a lot in terms of maturity and umm... physicality.

A big THANK YOU to my friends who took time out to attend my party even though we had exams on the next day. Hope you all had as much fun as I did and thank you for making my Sweet 16 a memorable one :D

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