Saturday, May 17, 2008

NST interview

I never knew singing was going to be this exhausting. I never knew singing can make me cry. I never knew singing was this painful. It took me 2 months and a few thousand ringgit to find out the real world of singing. I had hours of vocal and turkish lessons again today. 7 hours of classes with minimum breaks in between. Ugghh I was practically slumped dead at the end of the day.

My flight is at 3am on an early Monday morning and I haven't even packed my bags yet!! Grreeaatttt.....
Oh btw, I got interviewed by NST today on the Turkish Language Olympics. Look out for me in the newspapers in the days to come and I might appear in there ;) Some of the questions asked were:

Reporter: So, which category are you joining?
Me : I'm joining the singing category where I will sing a song entitled 'Sahit Olsun'.
Reporter: Ooo.So you have a good voice like the people from Malaysian Idol?
Me : Uuumm.....ok-okla

Reporter: What do you hope to get from this competition?
Me : I hope from my experiences and knowledge I'll get from this competition, I can make
changes not only to myself but also the people around me. Since it is a competition
that promotes peace and multiculturalism, I hope that I can enhance my
understanding of others and learn how to accept other people's differences no matter
what skin colour or religion they are.

Find out more in NST sooner or later, ok? I'm really nervous about this trip. My 1st trip without my parents. A trip filled uncertainties and I have to have the attitude of 'expect the unexpected. 'Interesting, indeed. And scary too! But I will have to do this sooner or later because I can't expect to be with my parents all the time so I should take this as a practice kan?
Take care, peeps!

Signing off to Turkey! See ya!

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