Saturday, June 07, 2008

my turkish adventures: the people

With the Esra's family, the Turkish family we stayed with in Gaziantep

Ayse, Sumeyra and I after our dinner at Ayse's house

One of the Turkish family we visited on our way to Ankara

A cute Turkish boy we met while we were touring Istanbul

A Turk cameraman who looked like Adam Levine from Maroon 5. Don't you think so?

I'M HOME!!! I don't know where to begin writing down my long, amazing 3 weeks experience on a foreign soil. So perhaps I'll divide my posts into a few sections. So let's start talking about the people.

I've fallen in love with Turkey and Turks 3 years ago when I first went to Istanbul with my family. This 2nd trip to Turkey only made my love for the country and the people to grow even deeper. The country itself is a blessed land where everything seems perfect on the surface. The people are beautiful, inside and out. Turkish guys are officially the hottest guys on the planet. Seriously. Go to Taksim Square in Istanbul and every 5 steps that you take you will bump into handsome looking Turkish guys. And Turkish babies are just the cutest kids I have ever seen. Turkish women are not too bad too. All of them have one thing in common: a good heart.

I came across a lot of Turkish people who are now good friends of mine. On my first 2nd night in Istanbul, Sakinah, my Turkish teachers (Isil and Sumeyra)and I went for dinner at a lawyer's house who's a father to one of Isil's and Sumeyra's friends. The wife prepared wonderful dinner and treated me and Sakinah, 2 total strangers in her home like her own family. Her daughter, Ayse is a sweet pie too. We became fast friends despite my inability to speak Turkish as fluent as she is.

3 days before we left Turkey, all the 550 participants were sent to various cities in Turkey and the Malaysian team was sent to Gaziantep, the home of Baklava in Turkey. Baklava; the most famous and delicious dessert in Turkey and you can only get the best of the best Baklava in Gaziantep. We stayed with a Turkish family and of course they were very nice to us.

They had a 16 year old daughter too and we became good friends in a matter of days. Esra was a beautiful, sweet girl and even though I couldn't quite understand half of the things that she was saying, there were just this mutual friendship bond between us and tears rolled down our cheeks when we said goodbye to each other before I headed back to Istanbul to catch my flight to Malaysia.

Go to Turkey if you have the chance and believe me, you will enjoy it as much as I did. You'll gain new friends, make new memories and if you're lucky you'll find love too ;)

Next post coming soon!

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