Wednesday, June 11, 2008

my turkish adventures (final part)

In Sakarya with some Turks

In front of the Blue Mosque, Istanbul

A fave past time while in Kizilcahamam: air hockey!

With an Afghan boy

With two very cute Turkish kids

Vroom! Vroom! My choir teacher who somehow looked like Mr Willy Wonka
With Rui Hao from Singapore
The boy's name was BULAT! As in 'round'.

When everyone was in Istanbul, they toured the touristic places and went on the Bosphorus cruise which I so wanted to go on ever since I came to Turkey. But I didn't get on that cruise when everyone else went! :( Because I was busy at choir practice for the finals. Since the finals would be shown live, everything had to be perfect so they had a lot of practices. From 9 am till 10 pm everyday when we were in Istanbul and because of that I missed the cruise.

But came to think of it again, I could always come back to Turkey anytime but being in Turkish Language Olympics was once in a lifetime experience which should never be missed so I guess I would have to go on that cruise some other time in the future. More of a reason for me to go back to Turkey :)

I didn't wanna go back at first. I loved every bit of Turkey. The people, the places and of course the food. Esra's mum even said I could stay with their family if I didn't wanna go back home. LOL

But Malaysia was where home really was no matter how beautiful Turkey was. It was time to go back to my family who had been waiting for 3 weeks for my return and back to my Malaysia, the land where I was born and bred in. I'll go back to Turkey soon, hopefully. Heck, I might even marry a Turk! Haha...right.

For now, it's time to move on with life and catch up with whatever that I left behind 3 weeks ago.

6th Turkish Language Olympics: chapter closed.

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