Thursday, June 26, 2008


I have been rooting for Turkey ever since Euro 2008 started. Turkey has a team of passionate, tactical and disciplined players. They came in as underdogs but they were not just any underdogs. I've seen how Turks themselves are when it comes to football. How passionate and supportive they are towards their national football team. Football is one of the things that bind them together as one nation.

Although Turkey has ended their quest in bringing back home the Euro cup, the team and the people back home should be really proud of the team's achievement of reaching the semi-finals of a European Championships for the first time. Even if the team was depleted with suspensions and injuries, they managed to put up a tough fight against the well-fitted Germany and their never-say-die spirit should be a lesson for all of us. Never ever give up in whatever you're doing because once you lose hope it's just as good as being......dead.

Now, if only our Malaysian football team has the same spirit as the Turks......

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