Monday, July 07, 2008

my 1st omelette

When you look at the picture above you might be going 'What the crap is that?!'. Well, that my friend was 'Zaf's special omelette'. Well it wasn't really my 'special' omelette though I did cook it myself. It came from one of Jamie Oliver's breakfast recipe.

I rarely cook and yesterday I decided to try the omelette. I first fried the white button mushrooms and sausages together until they turned goldish brown. And then I spaced out the two ingredients and put in eggs between the spaces so the sausages and mushrooms will be stuck to the eggs. And it was served straight from the pan with tomato sauce poured on top of it

It might looked umm....retarded but looks can be deceiving. It actually tasted like heaven! Well maybe that's an over-statement but my omelette tasted very good. You could try making it too. It's really easy to make!

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