Wednesday, July 23, 2008




I have a confession to make: I'm actually a CHOCOHOLIC! My mum got back from her UK trip last week and brought back a bunch of choccies and I happily indulged myself in the goodness of the chocolates until I couldn't stop myself. My fave chocolate at the moment is Cadbury Crunchie and ah of course, the sweet, scrumptious Lindt. My saliva would almost dribble whenever I see chocolates now.

And just yesterday, Puan Koh bought the Wira and Taylor's debate teams Secret Recipe's chocolate cheese cake. The taste wasn't exactly heaven but it didn't stop me from taking a big piece of the cake. Now, my bum is getting bigger since my self-discovery of being a chocoholic. Sob! Sob!

Oh God, give me the strength to resist the temptation of biting into the creamy caramel chocolate covered in milk chocolate or the rich chocolate truffle laced with hazelnut so I won't go fat like a pig.

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