Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friends, food, fun

I just realized how awesome, talented, beautiful and fun my friends can be. Well I knew it before this. But today, it became clearer.

Had my Hari Raya open house and for those who know me well would know I prefer small, intimate affairs so pardon me if I couldn't invite more people to today's affair. But those who came, thank you and I love you!

We ate, sang, laughed, ate some more and we even had a discussion on syariah law and polygamy. That came from the nerdy debaters (haha kidding!). My mum invited 2 of her Nigerian students to join us for lunch. So, indeed it was a pretty colourful open house. Oh yes, we surprised the September babies with a birthday cake too. I hope the guys (Rauf, Fadzil and Syamir) and the girl (Alia) enjoyed the small gesture.

I loved it when we sat in a big group, with Keefe and Nunu sitting in the center, strumming their guitars while the rest of us sang along to the songs. It was so cool and at that moment, I felt blessed to be surrounded by these people whom I call as friends. Really and truly.

So thank you again to Faiz, Rauf, Nunu, Keefe, Alia, Wai Meng, Andrew, Daryl, Sophia, Fadzil, Shiqin, Calvin, Syamir, Rahman, Anis, Mimi, Rachel, Syira, Safwan, Naj, Ellya and Jabir for your wonderful presence.

Photos will be posted soon when I get them from the others =)


nunu said...

awww <3
love you too zaf :):)

syamir said...

yeah, yeah, yeah. Let's dance.