Monday, March 01, 2010


Been awhile since I last watched a local Malay theater. The last one was Puteri Gunung Ledang which was really good. Broadway standards.

And I managed to catch another one on Sunday, TANDA at PJLA with the awesome Wai Meng who was kind enough to teman me (thank you!). Basically, the play was a collaboration of six young directors on the theme environmental and natural destruction. I thought it was pretty good for a local scene. The actors went all out with their performances and you can see they had invested a lot in it, physically, emotionally and financially.

There were some flaws too, of course. Some of the issues potrayed were not clearly ironed out. Like the issue on different Gods and faiths and the doubts that came along with it. They should have delved into it deeper and not leave such a big hole in the questions that were being raised.

Anyhow, the main and only reason why I was so hard up about going to this play was because of this guy;

Zahiril Adzim

You see, for some unexplained reason, I find him charming, deep and soulful. Waahh macam aku kenal je dia ni. But yes, he's the only local male actor that I go ga-ga over. And so, a little dream came true today when I managed to catch him after the show.

Me: Hello. Hebat lakonan awak tadi. (Hello. Your acting was superb earlier on.)

Zahiril: Ohh terima kasih. Terima kasih juga kerana sudi datang. (Ohh thank you. Thank you for coming, too.)

Me: Saya selalu juga baca blog awak. Very deep la your thoughts. Baguslah. (I always read your blog. Your thoughts are very deep. That's good.)

Zahiril: Ya, saya jadikan blog tu tempat nak meluahkan pendapat dan perasaan yang ada. Kadang-kadang gembira. Kadang-kadang marah. (Yes, I make the blog as my place to express my opinions and feelings. Sometimes happy thoughts Sometimes angry.)

*drools over him while listening to him chatter away*

Me: Oh okay. Sekarang boleh ambil gambar tak? (Oh okay. Can we take a picture now?)?)

*pointing towards poor Wai Meng who's ready with the camera*

Wai Meng: Tak clear la. Another one. (It's not clear. Another one)

That's better :)

And there you have a very happy, sweet looking me afterwards for I have finally met my soulmate. Ehh I mean, Zahiril Adzim. Oppss!

Some photos from the play. Grabbed from 'si dia'.


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