Friday, March 12, 2010

SPM Results

So I got my straight string of As for SPM. Alhamdulillah. Surprised or not surprised, I don't know. All I know is it's such a relief to know that this is all over and that I can move on to the next phase of my life with a light feeling.

My parents were more anxious than me about the results, if that's even possible. Ibu was already texting Puan Sharon early in the morning, asking her what time will the results be released and if it's possible for her to check on my results. I was like, "Noooooo! I don't want to know before I'm supposed to. Let the suspense be."

And Papa, well he took a leave from work (so did Ibu, actually) and came to school with me. He was practically in tears when I told him I got my 10As and showed him the slip. Ibu and Papa even bought me a big bouquet of carnations as a congratulations gesture. Not much of a flower lover but still, thank you, you two!

This is for the two of you, too. For providing the means for me to work on. The endless list of books and tuitions to be paid for, the amount of encouragement given everytime I bawled my eyes out because I was so scared of SPM and everything that had to do with it and the immense faith you had in me, believing that I could make it through even when I had doubts in myself.

For that, I, thank you. I love you, too :))

But I have a long, long way to go from here. This is just a beginning of a long journey. I am still figuring out where to go next. A few rough ideas but right now, I'm just doing all the necessary things that need to be done, i.e. 'scholarship hunting.' It's a lot more work than I thought.

Congratulations, too, to the rest on your results! Regardless of what they are. I'm sure we got what we worked and prayed for. One way or another.

Life still continues. Today is already a new day, is it not? <3


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