Sunday, June 13, 2010

Life as a Law Student, so far

Week 3 in UIA and things are beginning to look up. Classes have started though there are one or two classes where the lecturer is absent or choose to cut the class short. Nonetheless, I'm beginning to enjoy them and looking forward to more of the lectures.

Quick updates on my life as a Law student in the dungeon. I mean, UIA =p

- There are 3 core subjects this semester: Introduction to Law, Islamic Legal History and General Principles of Law 1.

- On top of that, there are university-required subjects we have to study: Arabic, ICT and Basic Themes of Al-quran.

- The students are divided according to their levels of English based on the placement test taken during the orientation week. I'm exempted from English classes and starting Arabic at Level 1.

- Arabic is tough. Most of us who are starting at Level 1 have zero knowledge of the language (other than knowing how to read the Quran) but you should see our eagerness in wanting to learn it. Too bad the Ustaz likes to cut the class short. Heh.

- The lecturers are pretty awesome. For once, I don't find myself wanting to fall asleep in class ;)

- There's an interesting mix of people here. We have the 'tudung-labuh' girls, the 'free hair' girls, the liberal ones, the politically-inclined group, the VIP kids etc. But somehow we manage to get along well enough.

- I've started my first case-study; Balfour v. Balfour [1919] 2 KB 571. Which requires a lot of referring to numerous law reference books.

- The library has become my new best friend.

- Assignments are slowly pouring in and no 'spoon-feeding' from our lecturers like how it used to be in secondary schools with our teachers. You're on your own most of the time now.

- I still eagerly look forward to go home every weekend and dread going back there on Sunday evenings.

Some photos from the place.

Taken from the 'Taaruf Week'. Spot me? Of course you can't. That's like 2000 girls being dressed in the same way.

One of the hostels or 'Mahallah' as we call it. CFS stands for Centre for Foundation Studies.

The Law Section of the library.

That's me pouring over different reference books.

Look at the books, they're as old as....god-knows-what.

Someone found a bug in between the pages of these books. No kidding!

Every Tuesday evening, there's a special outing for 'pasar malam'. So exciting right? LOL. And that's me with Syamir at our special outing.

In my room. The right bed is mine. Somehow this one looks neater than my own bedroom at home. Hehe.

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Faridah said...

Taaruf Week mcm kat Arafah.The hall pun mcm kat courting at pasar malam!