Saturday, June 05, 2010

Settling Down

It's been week two of my time in UIA and yet, classes haven't started. Other universities have started with theirs and we're still doing the whole orientation thing, more or less. Borriingggg, I tell you!

So what's it like in there? To be honest, I don't quite like it. At least, not yet. It's hard to say when I've only been there for 2 weeks and I'm trying to be as optimistic as possible of the place. After all, I'll be spending my next one year there so better start loving it.

There's so much for me to say about UIA's Foundation Centre here, mostly the not-so-nice things but I shall refrain myself from doing so. This is a public space and well, let's just say I wouldn't want to get into trouble with the UIA people because of this.

The point here is that some of the rules and the way things work over there don't really settle down well with me and I began to dislike the place, a bit. I found myself wanting to go home every chance I had.

Maybe it's because I've never been away from home and doing the hostel-living kind of thing. Maybe it's because I've always been this 'free hair' girl who suddenly got chucked away to a place like this. Maybe it's just because I haven't found my right footing here yet.

Classes will start this Monday. Perhaps things will get better then. Since I'll be busy and occupied with my new life, no time to think of my despairs and agony of the place.

Let's hope so.


Anonymous said...

Whoa that's very optimistic of you. I haven't set my heart straight for this new life either, and I'm only in UM so that's much less pressure.

I sincerely wish you the best of luck (:

Nik Nor Zafirah said...

Anonymous: I think at this stage, it's all about making the right choices. We can either choose to make our stay here as pleasant as possible or we could let it be a living hell.

I don't think the latter would be much of a help. So yes, even though I don't quite like it here, I find myself adapting to the surroundings bit by bit. I live my days here day by day. It's easier to swallow it that way. Haha.

Best of luck to you too. Let's come out of this more alive than we first stepped in :)

John said...

Congrats on making it into law school! All the best, Zaf. You'll do well, I'm sure :)