Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First Day Back in College

I'm back in KY! After six blissful weeks of holiday. It's a new semester, one of the most important one, AS semester. I foresee a very busy, stressful 6 months ahead of me. Ughh.

Having said that, I had a good first day back in college! Today was what I would describe as my 'ideal KY day'. Lemme just walk you through it.

Woke up at 7.20am, bathed in the ridiculously cold shower and had a simple breakfast cereal in my chalet. And then headed over for the 8.15am classes, saying Hello to friends that I've not met in 6 weeks along the way. The classes were relatively relaxing today as we were just warming up to the new semester. But Mr Brookes decided to surprise us with a pop quiz on World War 1 based on the readings we were supposed to do during the holidays. Ohh yeaahhh, what a surprise! Mehh.

Classes ended at 4.10pm and I took the leisure to catch up with other friends and approached the new batch of students who just arrived today (Batch 13.5). They're a nice, friendly lot. Welcome to the family, by the way! Kicking back while chit-chatting with the chaletmates back in our chalet after classes felt good since we rarely got to do it together. Then we decided to go for a swim and oohhh, I just looooveee the feeling of being in the water. It's like dissolving my exhaustion and weariness together with the water after a long day. If only the KY pool water was cleaner.

Dinner with the buddies at the Dining Hall and then we headed over to the RC (our library) to do some homework or revision. This was also one of the best parts of the day. You get to do your work and socialize with your peeps at the same time. And if I ever got stuck with a question, there were always smartie pants lying around the RC that I could run to for help. Hehe awesome kan?

Usually after RC, we would go for a quick drink at the cafe and the chit-chats will continue there with louder laughters and even more lame, nonsensical jokes. We'll head back to our chalets, either wrap up the day and say goodnight or continue with some work till we have no ounce of energy left in us. I chose to finish up some of my Maths questions tonight and then here I am, writing my day to you on here. Thank God, they have upgraded the Wifi connection too. So much faster now.

I said today was my 'ideal KY day' because I had a little bit of everything today. The serious stuffs, the fun, the working-out part. It was packed but it was relaxing in a way. If only everyday would be like today. Such bliss, I tell yaa.

I love KY, I do. I never understood some people who loathed KY so much that they can't wait to get the hell out of here. I mean, I wouldn't want to stay here longer than expected but I would like to enjoy every moment I'm having here without wishing the time would pass faster than it already has. I think I tend to appreciate KY personally because of the environment it offers and also because my route here wasn't an easy one.

It wasn't handed to me directly. I had to go through roadblocks, traffic jams and a fateful detour before I could arrive here. And when I finally did, I think it's only fair of me to appreciate the place and make the best out of my opportunity here.

And so, here's to a new semester! May we get through this one and the ones to come more alive than ever. Amin.

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Faridah said...

I think it very important to stay positive in whatever we do and sentiasa bersyukur with what we have.I'm glad you have settled in pretty fast.Esp. bab makan tu.Hey, take it easy.Eat only safe food.Which means lots of fruits. :)