Friday, January 07, 2011

JELITA: The Price of Beauty

Before I go on, watch the trailer above first so you'll know what I'm talking about.


So I went back to IIUM on Tuesday night and it was for a purpose. To watch the Mock Trial 2011 specially produced by the Law students of IIUM who happened to be my old friends and coursemates. I was supposed to be in charge of the program under MeLEX (Law Students' Society) but then I left so the work was passed on to somebody else. I never knew what happened to it other than a few glimpses of the story few weeks back on Facebook and from other close IIUM friends.

But fast-forwarded 6 months after I left, a Mock Trial under the name JELITA: The Price of Beauty was made and I walked back into IIUM, eager to catch the show and also, to meet up with friends whom I have not met in 6 months. I was in such awe with the show. It was a story of a young girl, Tasmina who was obsessed with beauty and would do anything to get what she wanted even as far as murdering. Cerita ala Mona Fandey.

The show just hit the right notes. From the acting to the lighting to the dramatic music being played. It's hard to believe that this show was the work of 18 and 19 year olds and not professionals from Istana Budaya! Credits had to be given to the director, Putra Haziq and his team for such an excellent performance. I had to pay RM7 for admission but for the amount of entertainment and satisfaction I got out of it, it was well worth it.

It was so pleasant seeing my former coursemates too. So much gossips and stories to catch up on but it's good to know that most of them are still the same nice people I used to know. I do miss and think of them from time to time but ahh well, IIUM is my past and it'll stay that way.

Congrats again to the team for a brilliant performance! A solid proof that Law students are more than just bookworms and manipulators ;) And thank you for still giving me the credit on the basic storyline that I had in mind before I left, 'Superstition'. It warms my heart that you all still remember me too :)

With Mardhiyah and Nabilah, the besties from IIUM. Yes, my stories of them are 6 months out-of-date. Mehh.

Amalina, the main actress of the night. She brought so much life to her character as if she was Tasmina herself. Mar, Nabilah and I were holding on to our seats, a little terrified everytime 'Tasmina' gave her eerie laughters and stares. They were THAT real!

The man behind all these, Putra Haziq. May I say how much of a perfectionist he is? So much! Drilling his team for practices over the holidays, sometimes stretching them till 4 in the morning. Crazy, ain't it? But in a good way! Otherwise JELITA would have been a different story.

Some other photos from the night:

Hamzah Azhan, a dear friend and a policeman for the night. Just need to buff up a little there =p

The technical crew (if I'm not wrong) who took care of the dramatic effects of the night. They gave me chills and goosebumps. *Photo taken from Wirdah's Facebook*

Fullhouse! *Photo taken from Wirdah's Facebook*


aRinarRe said...

didnt see you tht nite!!
JELITA- hats off ;)

Anonymous said...

arrghh Putra hot! sexy!

Nik Nor Zafirah said...

Arina: You were there too?! Alaa didn't get the chance to see you. Next time hopefully :)

Anonymous: Hahahaha are you sure? I'll let him know ;)