Friday, November 07, 2008

exams...oh exams

When the excitement of winning the prestigious Datuk Wira debate cup has died down a lil, it was time to get back to serious bussiness like....EXAMS! Since we foregone our end-year-exams earlier, we had to sit for them and cram all 21 papers into 1 week.

We had 8 hours of exams yesterday, from 7.30 am all the way 'till 4.30 pm. As loooooooooong as our debate discussions. And by the end of the day my brain felt like raisins. Dried and squeezed. Lol.

Oh well at least it was worth it.

You can't win national championships often but sitting for exams, well you could do that almost any other day.

I was reading a few blogs that had the post-Wira stories and I just felt so proud and lucky to have the chance to be part of the Wira team. We were defeated once but we came back and we came back stronger than ever.

I was talking to Keefe's parents the other day and we agreed that the most beautiful thing about the team was the TEAMWORK. Some of us may not have speaking roles but we worked just as hard and pitched in as much as we could.

No one can take that beauty away from us.

Anyway, 7 papers down, 14 more to go. ERRRKKK!!

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