Thursday, August 21, 2008

Avril Lavigne's cancellation: What the....???

I can't believe they have cancelled Avril Lavigne's concert. And it was cancelled on the basis of it being inappropriate as the concert will fall during the nation's independence period. Like what the......???

Does going to Avril's concert make us less Malaysians and less patriotic? Does listening to her 'When Your Gone' make us less ethical? Does practicing freedom of music and arts make us take bribes, steal and kill others?

This is a democratic country where the people have the rights to the basic civil liberty. These people who cancelled the concert didn't even bother about the majority voice who wants the concert to go on. There are bigger worries that these people should look into like the increasing number of drug addicts, Mat Rempits and murderers out on the street. But no, they prefer to stick their noses into unnecessary matters.

Please, just give us some space to breathe and live on this democratic land we called, Malaysia.

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