Tuesday, August 05, 2008

the lost of trust and faith

It's funny how sometimes we are not what we appear to be. 16 years of life have shown me just how many double-faced friends there are. I can't help to wonder who is hiding behind masks and lying underneath blankets of anonymity and who is not. I used to have blind faiths as in believing and trusting everyone around me. Because I know faith and trust is what keep friendships and families together and with trust comes hope which keeps us going in life.

But I should have known better....When surrounded with people who offer you nothing more than 'artificial friendships' blind faith is the last thing to do. It hurts to know that their genialities are just facades when you actually trust and treasure they're so-called friendships.

It's hard for me to put in trust and faith on others from now except for the true friends that have stayed true and family that has stayed loyal.

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