Saturday, October 18, 2008

A 2nd chance to relive the dreams

Daryl called the other day with news that I wouldn't have expected to hear. NOT in a million years. Selangor Wira debate champ, USJ 12 just backed out of the competition and since DJ was the 1st runner up, automatically we would be replacing them as the Selangor representatives at Wira national levels.

How freaking cool is that??? A rare, golden opportunity like this hardly comes by everyday. Heck, it hardly comes by anyday! And that's why we're going all out, all the way this time around because this is our only chance in bringing back the prestigious trophy back to DJ.

But of course now the debaters will have double workloads. We gotta prepare for the motions (4 of them all together) and on top of that we still have to prepare for the upcoming final exams. Whew! The debates will be held in Kelantan where we will be competing with states all over Malaysia.

DJ's Wira debate team is back and wish us all the best, people!


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