Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Raya open house

I had a small Raya gathering at my house today. Invited a few friends over, my classmates, close friends and half of my debate team (only Daryl and Keefe could make it) and we ate nasi briyani, nasi impit and tiramisu cake and ice cream as desserts.

I don't believe in big, crowded gatherings and instead I prefer to have a small, intimate one so none of my guests would feel left out. And even with the small number of guests we had plenty of fun. Ashiqin suggested we played some Saidina (copycat version of Monopoly) and then we walked around the neighbourhood, making convos and jokes all day.

Here are some of the pics

My honourable guests

Girls + Syamir gone smiley

Ready to play some serious Saidina bussiness

Concentrating hard on the game

Money crazy!


You know who's that =D

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