Monday, October 27, 2008

happy deepavali!

HAPPY DEEPAVALI!!! I celebrated today by going to an open house of my dad's friend Datuk M. Good food but the people who were there was even more interesting. I met Teresa Kok, the woman who was detained under ISA with 'security measures' as the excuse (pfftt!).

We were enjoying our food when a DAP politician came and sat down at our table. My dad sort of pulled his leg when he started questioning DAP's policies and then the guy started talking loudly, to the point of shouting, like what our 'dear' Malaysian politicians normally do at the parliament house.

Ughh so uncool. People want to celebrate unity and multiculturalism on this festive day, they opened up the politics issue at the table pulak. As if we don't hear about politics enough -_-

But anyway HAPPY DEEPAVALI again to all who celebrates it. May the lights bring you the joy =)

The ambience of the open house

Teresa Kok and I

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