Thursday, October 09, 2008

a night of german youth orchestra

Last night was a night filled with classical, beautiful music for some of us. Alia, Nunu, Ellya, Faiz, my parents and I went to a classical music orchestra performed by the eminent Westphalian Chamber Youth Orchestra at IIUM, specially flown from Germany.

Young, hot German youth played classical pieces from Mozart to Bach to Bartholdy beautifully and the crowd was lured by their performance. One of the orchestra members on violin was actually a Turkish. He's living in Germany and I tested my Turkish skills on him and he was like "Oh your pronounciation is very good. Very nice". *blush blush*

Last night was more than listening to classical music but it was also about exposure. Exposure to the music world that made today's music what it was. Music had always been an evolution but it all started from music like Beethoven's and Mozart's.

And living in today's plural society this kind of exposure is very much needed so that when others talk about these classical composers at least we know what they sound like and not stare back blankly when we hear names like Tchaikovsky, Baron Britten etc.

Now I really know how good-looking Germans can be but the Turkish guys are still the best. Tee-hee!

The orchestra at their best

On Violoncello

The girls on violin (if only I could play as good as them)

German musicians with me and Ellya

The very sweet, pretty, talented German girls

And this is the Turkish guy I was talking bout earlier. Burak and I

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