Tuesday, October 21, 2008

when the heart cries

Sometimes I think you're expectations for me are too high that I may not be able to reach them. Sometimes when I come back home I want to share with you my daily debate stories from school but I'm afraid I'll get your look of disinterested and disapproval. The thought of disappointing you scares the soul out of me.

And there's no absolute guarantee that I would live up to your expectations. But at least let me fail now rather than later. Let me fail now so I would know how painful is failure. Let me learn from the pain so it'll make me better in every aspects so I could attain the dreams that you wanted me to.

I'm exhausted of all these too. But at least I'm exhausted from something that I actually enjoy doing and at the end of the day I hope I can prove to you that I am capable of reaching the biggest dreams possible.

And things would be a lot sweeter and easier knowing that you will always be behind my back, supporting me through this challenging but hopefully soon-to-be-valuable moments of my life.

Because there is nothing more I need right now other than the support from the person I care and love the most in life.

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