Monday, December 15, 2008

Brunei, Oh Brunei

I had a family retreat in Brunei during the weekends with my parents and my grandma. The trip was nice. Yea, nice. Not excellent, fantabulous or great. Just nice.

Brunei, a country the size of the Negeri Sembilan state has a lot to offer to its people. But not to the tourists since tourism isn't a big field there. This practically tax-free country has no poverty rates, very low oil prices and the people live very rich and cushioned lives.

We took a day tour around the city. Went to the very grand and beautiful mosque that was built to honour their current Sultan Hasanal Bolkiah. Then we went to the museums. And also to the 600 years old Water Village. It's like wooden houses on water. Very cool.

It's a very green country. The Sultan is not a fan of logging so Brunei still maintains most of its rainforests. Something Malaysia should take example of.

While Brunei is not the place for entertainment and tourism, it is a good place for relaxation and family bonding. Here are some pics.

Green Brunei

The Sultan of Brunei's mosque

Part of the mosque

A traditional food called 'Ambuyak'

Royal Regalia museum. It displays stuff related to the Sultan.

Boat cruise at the Water Village

After 600 years, some Bruneians still wanna live on the water

My parents getting married again. Lol

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