Friday, December 19, 2008

Maid-less life

I have been pretty occupied the last few days. Occupied being a housewife! My maid is now taking care of my grandma for a awhile, since she is critically ill. So I had been doing the dishwashing, the house cleaning and a lil bit of cooking on my own.

So being a dutiful 'housewife' I am, I tried to fry some chicken drummets for dinner. And I proudly arranged them on the plate and presented them to my mum. She took a look and a bite and she said:

Mum: Adik! (That's what I'm called at home) The chicken is burned on the outside and still raw on the inside!
Me: WHAT?! Damnit!

I fried chicken just to find out that it's as raw as before. Haha jeez. If I were to live alone for a very long time, I would probably die of hunger or food poisoning. Eating raw meat is never good.

Looks like I have taken the simple living skills for granted. But life is a learning process.

And I'm now trying to learn how to fry chicken drummets without them turning black on the outside and raw on the inside.


Wai Meng said...

let me be the first.

be flattered.

and you better remember that.

: ).

Adeline said...

omfg i am maidless too and i had to wash dishes. it sucks!!!!!! arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. my maid went back btw