Saturday, March 07, 2009

Tipping off balance

I lost my footing.

In the middle of life's hoo-haa. It's wobbly and shaky now. Will I ever get the stability back? I hope so. Sometimes I feel like I'm living life on auto-pilot.

I do what I have to do. I take what should be taken. I give what has to be given.
Just do, don't ask why.

First term exams just ended today. My first, proper examinations in almost a year. I missed last year's mid-term and end-term exams. Oh yea I have almost forgotten what the intense examinations stress and pressure feel like.

I need to feel that pressure again cause right now I'm tipping off balance.

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Faridah said...

As you build your life/future, there should be no time to ask why this and not that.This is Malaysia.If you ask too much, you get left behind.Just paddle the best you can.Once you have reached a comnfortable station to reflect (at that crossroads ie after your SPM exams) then ask what is right for you.For now, stay focused.Once you lose your balance, it's hard to get back on the track.Time.Money.Emotional stability.

I wish you well and we are proud that you are on auto pilot! How many teenagers can do that? 10 years from now,you'd be so proud of yourself cos' you have that discipline which even some adults don't have.