Sunday, March 29, 2009

Debate talk by Yours Truly

I had a debate talk today at Sekolah Menengah Agama Kuala Lumpur (SMAKL), one of the best religious school in Selangor and KL. But instead of listening to the talk, I was the one GIVING it! Pretty cool, eh?

I'm the not the best debater around. I'm not even close to being the best. But I've had a fair share of debating experiences and so, while I may not be the best but they had a thing or 2 to learn from me. I shared with them my experiences of being a member of a national champions team and the basics of debating and a few pointers on what it takes to be a debater.

We had an impromptu mock debate on the motion 'Handphones should be banned in school'. Just a simple one. I just wanted to see where do the debaters stand. Overall, they're not as good as DJian debaters (duh! lol) but they have great potentials in them and with the right consistent coaching, they can go far.

Some of the students were not that proficient in English, mostly the younger kids (Form 1/2) but they have a great hunger for knowledge and they wanted to know more. So I had to explain to them again what I talked about earlier in Malay language.

But that was fine. They still wanted to learn even with the language barrier and I truly respect people like that. Wish I could do more to help them but I did what I could today.


your #1 fan said...

zafirah, you are truly a hero. one day i want to be just like you, wearing the 'Debater' tag on my baju kurung with pride, letting everyone know that i'm not just a regular student, but a school Debater!

Faridah said...

You did well, gal!(I was at the back of the class, watching). Your #1 fan is are NOT a regular student but one who works very hard and has the right to flaunt it!Hahaha

But Mommy hopes you'd concentrate on SPM for now.

nik zafirah said...

thank you 'your #1 fan', i'll take that as a compliment. it is only common for one to be proud of what one achieves. i mean, being a school debater is a big honour and i appreciate that.

and yes, mommy, i'm concentrating on spm now =)