Thursday, April 02, 2009

April Fools!

I'm not much of a prankster but I was in a playful mood today and decided to prank a few friends. Since it's April Fools' Day. Not that I'm a believer or an avid fan of it. But just for the sake of playing a fool on that day, you know.

Everyone loves Oreo cookies, right? But does everyone love Oreo cookies with toothpaste in them? Haha! I substituted the white cream with some toothpaste and offered the cookies to my friends.

And the reactions were hilarious! Some almost ate the whole thing thinking it's some kind of 'chocolate mint Oreo'. I hope none of you had stomach aches because of the toothpaste.

April Fools!

Can you tell which one is the original Oreo and which is the 'chocolate mint Oreo?
The bottom portion would be the pranked cookies!


haha said...

haha good one! ;D

oreo lover said...

oreo with toothpaste?? that's just mean! but hilarious too. lol