Monday, April 20, 2009

A Step Closer To Him

I only slept for 1 hour and a half on Friday night. The Muslim students had this 'kem ibadah' where you spent 2 days getting yourself closer to Allah. It was an eye-opening experience. It opened your eyes to the things that you have done and have not done to Him.

It questioned your exact purpose living in this world. It reflected the inner you, the good and the bad. It closed the ranks we had. It was just you, me and Him.

There was this one session where we talked about how great our parents have been to us and how we sometimes forget to appreciate the things they have done. One girl was literally crying her eyeballs out. Crying on the floor and screaming "Mak, nak balik! Nak mak!". I was afraid that she was possessed by some sort of spirit. Banyak dosa kot. Errk!

The rest of us had been so busy with our own things that we hardly hang out and gossip around anymore. But we finally managed to squeeze in a lil bonding moment with the gals. Gosh, how I miss laughing with the 'Nanisia' until my stomach hurts! Hanging around in the surau, munching on junk foods and acting like Indon maids (Bibik Wanted!). That was hilarious! Haha.

The camp has brought me a step closer to Him. Every so often, we're too occupied with the worldly stuff until we're drawn away from the power above.

So I need to constantly remind myself, there's only so many things I can do but at the end of the day it ALL goes back to Him.

With Mimi and Nunu (lol what's with that face?)

Ayu bertudung? =)

Smelly feet!

The guys

And of course, the girls


Anonymous said...

not ayu. never have. EPIC FAIL.

encore said...

haha please anon is just jealous. you ayu pe :)