Sunday, May 03, 2009

A woman of wonders

The last few days have been a busy one. Been busy studying for mid-terms (ggrrr!!) and also been busy playing host to my mum's Filipino friend, Baibonn who has been staying over our house for the past 2 days. She's a youth activist who works with Arroyo and handles problems related to the youths.

Went for a mini-shopping with her at the Curve on Friday night and I brought her to my favourite restaurant, Bubba Gump Shrimp. Even with the large age differences between us (she's 40 and I'm 16), we managed to have interesting chats all the way till 11 pm. She talked about her experiences travelling all over the world (Palestine & Israel, UK, Indonesia etc.), her views on the Islamic world, about men and love and also the bone-chilling story of her mother getting butchered during the Marcos' cruel leadership.

Baiboon is a woman of wonders. She had a tough life but that did not stop her from being where she is now. Now, she's just happy being a jet-setter and seeing the world from different angles.

Okay dokey! Time to get back to my books :(

With Baibonn at Bubba Gump


anis.hanna.alia said...

sejak bila you 18? ;o

nik zafirah said...

holy macaroni! tersilap letak 18. terasa tua kot. hehe
or perhaps its the exam stress and everything goes cuckoo *sigh*