Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Other Me

People have asked me what is my private blog all about and can they get invited to read it. And to those who haven't noticed, on the left side of this blog, under the 'Links' section, notice the blog name 'The Other Me'? Well, that's the place where I rant, curse, laugh, cry and ponder, away from the outside world.

And today, I decided to give you a little sneak peek of 'The Other Me'. Hehe. Above, is the list of topics that I normally blog about on there. The 'Happy' section is where I get all jumpy and excited about things or people I encounter. If you just made my day bad, I'd lash out on you under the 'Anger' section. Oh yes, a whole lotta cursings on there. None of them are censored ;)

The second most blogged about topic on my blog is someone from my life. As you can see, I've blackened out that part because he/she doesn't know that I've been writing about him/her on there. Sometimes I speak fondly of him/her. Other days, I just cursed the hell out of him/her. 37 posts on a single person. That's quite a lot, no? Haha.

Currently, there are only 10 people on the readers' list. And they are those whom I can trust. Because what I write on there is so controversial and offensive at times that I might be hurting a lot of people's feelings. But that's exactly the reason why I put it on private. Because each of us needs an outlet to vent out our anger and emotions. This is mine.

And no, I won't be adding any more people to the readers' list. Not now. Unless of course, one day I become someone famous, have a contest for my fans and the winner gets an 'all-access' pass to my blog. Haha yea.

A little preview on the writings. This one came under the 'Letting Go' section.

"He said it might sound like some shit excuse but it is what it is. And I think I understand that now and get why he did what he did these past few weeks. Because like everyone else, he has some shit to deal with and it's not easy. After what happened too, I realized it really helps if people understand your situation. Doesn't mean you have to constantly be beside that someone but at least try not to give you more shit in return.

So I said I'm okay now because I'm letting go and understanding what has happened recently. Things are rough these days and the more we hold on to them, the harder they'll get. So, yes whatever. Let go and it'll be okay :) "

On a heavier note, this one came under the 'Anger' section. Some of the words here are not pleasant. You've been warned.

"I'm sick of you already. Yes, YOU. Somebody has to learn that the world doesn't centre around that somebody. That other people have other issues to deal with. That you're not the only one with stories.

Here we go again. I'll fuck off now if that will make you feel better.

Because the fucking world centres around you and that everything has to do with you kan?"

Uh huh, so now you know why the blog is on private mode.

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