Friday, December 18, 2009

What Happens In Vegas

We all had a night in Vegas last night.

Well okay, not exactly. DJ had its Senior Prom at Ritz Carlton, KL and the theme was 'A Night In Vegas'. Though truth be told, there wasn't anything Vegas-y 'bout the night.

Overall, prom wasn't all that bad. I mean, it wasn't the best one but it wasn't a total failure either. I think it doesn't matter where the prom is, what do you wear and all that jazz as long as you are in company of great friends and some cool music.

So, I guess this is just it. SPM's over. So is prom. That was probably our last time meeting up with most of the peeps from school before we venture into our own roads. It's hard not to find all this a little bittersweet.

But we did end the night and the journey in style and with such glitz. Some photos from the night.

Plenty more on Facebook, of course.

Kaki Dilemma performing

All dressed up for the night

The guys working it out on the dance floor

Ladies in black, Anis and Hanna with the purple one, me

With Mimi, Nunu and the boyfie, Harith Hisyam

Our Prom Queen! With her ever so sweet boyfie, Harith Hazran

My prom date for the night, Syamir. Thanks for the corsage! :)

With Jo-Yi and Ying Yan. Pretty pretty girls

Oooh! I love Hanna's Guess clutch. Suits my purple dress. Bisa tu. Haha =p

With Rauf and Rohaizi. Most of the guys looked really handsome and neat in their suits.

Saiful. Nice suit there!

Shiqin! I'm gonna miss our gossip sessions and inside jokes

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