Friday, December 11, 2009

Remembering Nostalgia

Most of the Form 5s or shall I say ex-Form 5s have gotten their copy of Nostalgia '09 on the last day of exams. And there were mixed reviews of it, like every school magazine would have. Some thought the magazine is so much better than last year's, the designs and photos are even more snazzy and the content is more mature.

Though there are, of course, some disgruntled voices too. The magazine cover is not classy enough and has no 'real feelings'. It's too thin. And this must be the best comment I heard so far, "Nostalgia's name should be changed to the `Nostalgia Board and Friends Exclusive Magazine` cause...its just them..and their friends." Haha.

Not many people know what happened behind the scenes of the magazine-making. How much effort and time the editorial board spent on getting the magazine together. This year, we handled everything on our own. From the photoshoots to the photo printing and distributing to the page arrangements, down to the last detail.

Those of you who are (or who were) close to me would know how rough the whole Nostalgia thing was. Oh yes, it wasn't smooth-sailing at all. But the fact remains that a magazine is a teamwork product and I can confidently say to you, the team have worked their asses off in making sure we present to you the best Nostalgia magazine we can.

As for the content, I believe it reflects our maturity as members of the school. A school that is already 26 years old. The photos and designs, well, you would be blind if you think they aren't pretty and classy. The Art and Photography Dept used professional magazines like Reader's Digest, Nat Geo etc as their references so you can imagine how cool Nostalgia looks like.

I don't know, maybe my opinions on Nostalgia are biased and one-sided. But don't blame me as I have worn the shoes for far too long. Even if you ask me to step out of it and look at the magazine on a different view, I can still feel the soles of the shoes on my feet. And I feel no matter what people say about Nostalgia, good or bad, I'd be okay.

Because I'm like the mother who loves her retarded, abnormal child :))

A section of the 'revolutionised' Nostalgia. Grabbed from our Art Director, Yung Tyng


Anonymous said...

i thought nostalgia looks really great this year. good job for the team! :)

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