Monday, June 15, 2009

22 years and counting....

My parents celebrated their 22nd anniversary on Sunday. 22 years of marriage. Huh, imagine that! We had dinner at a Japanese restaurant, Genji at Hilton, PJ. Food here was definitely better than that Australian restaurant at Hilton, KL.

To Ibu and Papa, Happy 22nd Anniversary!

Your marriage has taught me that it is not possible to have a perfect marriage where your husband will sweep you off your feet every day of your married life. Or a marriage where couples do not argue and get along well everytime.

However your marriage, my lovely parents, have showed me that it is possible to have a happy and colourful one with your similarities and differences moulded together. As the saying goes, we get both sides of the coin. One can't possibly choose to have just the head or the tail.

I admire how my parents can poke fun at each other but at the same time respect and love one another beautifully. And so I pray that one day my marriage will last as long (or maybe longer) and as strong as you two.

22 years and counting.....

Happy Anniversary!


Anonymous said...

very sweet! :)

Faridah said...

Tetapi itu bukan gambar pakcik dan makcik yang terbaik.Hahaha