Monday, June 08, 2009

Cycling off the fats

I've been eating like a cow for the past few days and if I'm not careful, I might turn into one myself. So I decided to go for a cycle around the neighbourhood with my new cycling buddy, Anette, to lose off some of the fats. Nothing beats the feeling of having to cycle downhill, the cool evening wind rushing against your skin as you let loose of the handlebar. It felt like pure freedom.

Anette invited me over for a cold drink at her house. You know, after all the sweating and muscle aches, a cold drink would be great. And then I remembered I'm fasting for the day so I politely declined. Although I was tempted enough to say yes. Tapi iman masih kuat :)

Something unexpected happened though. Someone stole my bicycle pump! I left it at the corner of the park (Anette wanted to borrow it) for a few minutes and when we came back, it was gone. I'm pretty sure it was the dude on the motorcycle.

If he thought he could inflate his motorcycle tyres with a small bicycle pump, well he's just a daft. It would take him hours to do it and he might as well have gone to the petrol station and do the pumping for free.


The things people do, sometimes.

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