Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Say CHEESE 5 Angsana!

5 Angsana had our class photoshoot today at a studio in Sunway Damansara. Boy, was it fun! It was very professional and creative, thanks to Luke, Yung Tyng, Thasban and the rest. It was as if we stepped into a photoshoot for Seventeen or Vogue magazine.

Everyone dressed up and there were lollipops, umbrella, waterguns, bubbles, sunnies, afro hair, candies, baseball bat etc. made into props for the shots. Upbeat music, gaily laughters, bright camera flashes and dazzling smiles filled our hours at the studio.

I bet none of the Form 5 classes can beat the awesomeness of OUR class photoshoot. Not unless you pay RM 500 for a day shoot =D

When everyone said 'It's a wrap!' after all the shots were taken, I was certain of one thing. I WILL miss the wackiness, humour and the amusement that came along with the people of 5 Angsana once all of us leave SMKDJ.

Here are behind-the-scenes photos of the day. These are not the photos taken by Luke. His photos are more professional and definitely nicer. You'll see them sooner or later.
Busy getting ready


Warming up pose before the real shot

Our hair stylist of the day

Amateur photographer, I am

The guys of 5 Angsana getting ready

The girls of 5 Angsana waiting for their shots

Ms Confidante and Mr Muscles

The very 'macho-looking' Rauf

5 Angsana's photoshoot in action

FYI, I wasn't trying to do ballerina dance. That was me before I tripped on my wedges.


Ryong Ee at her best



Lady in Red

The bosses

Muhibbah Angsana (Rauf, Chee Fai, Giri)

The Jokers
You can stand under my umbrella, ella ella eh eh

Retro girls

Hit him girl!

Eh, no violence here Jabir!
The guy behind all the great shots, Luke

You know who =P


Anonymous said...

ryong ee looks funny :)

Anonymous said...

wooo angsana owns and chee fai looks pretty hot. :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

wait for bataaaaaaiiii's photoshoot ;D

nik zafirah said...

anonymous 1: haha nah ryong ee looked pretty

anonymous 2: yeap we totally owned it and uhhh sure chee fai looks hot =)

anonymous 3: indeed!

anonymous 4: haha oh yea we'll see if batai can beat angsana's fantabulous photoshoot :)

Anonymous said...

yeah, angsana awesome! haha =D